Toronto Airport Limo Service by Canam Limo

Toronto Airport Limo Service by Canam Limo for a smooth, luxurious ride from the airport after a long journey. With a fleet that boasts a wide range of the latest cars, you can go anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area, Niagara region, Golden Horseshoe Area or Buffalo NY.Toronto Limo service by Canam Limo

As soon as you contact Canam Limo for Toronto Airport Limo for your car service to Toronto airport, our trained and courteous staff will assist you in every possible way and make your ride from Toronto Pearson International Airport one of the finest you’ve ever experienced.

And, you can choose the car that you wish to ride in from an extensive range of sedans,  Luxury Sedans, Stretch Limos, Stretch SUV limos and 6 passengers Luxury SUVS all at rather down to earth prices so that you get quality without feeling the pinch in your pocket! Details of these amazingly affordable limos are there for you to see firsthand on our fleet page. So, make a choice and see how true we are to our word and of course, to you!

Still wondering whether you have made the right choice? Pick up the phone, dial 416-628-6284 and speak to our customer service executives to book your airport limo to Toronto Pearson Airport. They will clear all your doubts, take care of all your travel needs and make the choice for you. It’s a choice that you won’t regret – for, you mean the world to us. And giving you the best in the world is our aim.  Contact us online using our online reservation form, or simply dial 416-628-6284, to book your appointment.

New to this area? Use our meet and greet service. Our personnel will be standing just outside the baggage claim area with your Name Sign and a smile to accompany you to your vehicle. This service, however, comes for a little extra.

Go through the testimonials of our regular business and individual travelers and you will certainly be convinced of the quality that Canam Limo provides. That should certainly make your mind up to use our services. Pick up the phone or book online so that you can enjoy an exceptional airport transportation service that makes you feel like being driven forever and forever.


Limo to Toronto Airport

With conveniently located satellite offices we never give you a chance to fret whether you will catch your flight or not.

Every exigency is accounted for and our chauffeur will be at your doorstep well in time to ensure your arrival at the airport well in time to catch your flight.

Only 30 minutes away from reaching you in any city in the Golden Horseshoe Area, Niagara Region and Buffalo, New York Area, our satellite offices provide you with a relaxed and befitting ride to the airport.

Only Canam Limo or one of its sister concerns as listed below can provide you with this level of ease before your travel:

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Limo from Toronto Airport

Worried that you might not find your limo when you come back from a trip?

Parked prominently outside the airport terminal, our vehicle will be there for you to climb into after an exhausting journey. With us, you won’t need to queue up to check for your transportation. Our superbly trained chauffeurs will greet you and whisk you away from the madding crowd in the comfort of one of our innumerable vehicles.

Forget about your arrival and pick up when you reserve with us. We won’t forget to pick you up – we will wait until you arrive and drive you to your destination, safely. Every aspect of the safety norms are in place with us so that you won’t have to worry about reaching your destination in one piece! With Canam Limo, you can be rest assured that you are completely safe and that your ride is exceptionally satisfying. Confirm your reservation today at:reservation@canamlimo.com or call us toll free at 1-866-976-3676.

Why Book your Toronto Airport Limo with Canam ?

Canam’s Exclusive Toronto Airport Limo Service v/s Regular Toronto Airport Limo or Toronto Airport Taxi
  1. Doing only * hour shifts, our chauffeurs remain alert and vigilant so that your travel is safe and restful.
  2. Prior appointments have to be made for our services. These services will be confirmed only when we are convinced of punctual arrival at your location.
  3. Every new passenger in our limos is refreshingly greeted by the spotless, odorless and sanitized atmosphere of the interiors. No telltale signs of the previous occupants are ever seen in any vehicle in our fleet.
  4. Being permanent employees, our drivers will always return anything that you forget in the limo. In fact, we make sure that any item you left behind is always returned to you, whether you know of its loss or not. So with us, your possessions are always protected.
  5. Trained to be courteous, our drivers provide you with superlative service. Superbly handling your luggage or quenching your thirst by offering you bottled water or beverage, they will make certain that you are treated like royalty. Serving our customer well is our motto.
  6. All our services are charged at flat rates which make them cost-effective and very reasonable, regardless of delays due to traffic or inclement weather. Thus you have prior knowledge of the amount you will pay and it does not change due to extraneous circumstances.
  1. Drivers work a 15-18 hour shift which have adverse effect on their performance and also poses a safety hazard.
  2. These vehicles get passengers on a first come first serve basis and so they are always in a rush to drop off the customers and return to the queue. This often results in over-speeding and shabby service.
  3. These vehicles are always available for hire and anybody can hail them for a ride. In such a busy schedule, cleanliness and hygiene take a back seat.
  4. When you travel in a regular taxi or even a limo, if you forget something in the vehicle, you have a very thin chance of getting it back. Since no records are kept of the booking or payment, tracing the vehicle is almost impossible and you end up losing your stuff forever.
  5. Customer service is never a priority and drivers are in such a hurry that they hardly step out of the car. Instead of helping with luggage, they would simply open the trunk and leave you to manage on your own.
  6. The regular limos and taxis charge you by the meter and you have to pay for the diversions and the delays. This way you never know your exact fare until you reach your final destination. There is room for cheating here which cannot be completely eliminated.

Flight monitoring system:

Reservation specialists constantly monitor your flight status once you book with us and duly inform the chauffeurs who in turn are always there to meet you upon your arrival. So, just book with us and leave worrying about your changing flight times and subsequent ground transportation to us.

About Toronto Airport

Lester B. Pearson International Airport (YYZ)

Renamed Toronto Pearson International Airport in 1996, after Canada’s Prime Minister, Lester B. Pearson, it was first known as Malton Airport when it was built in 1939.

Being Canada’s largest airport and the most demanding in terms of passenger traffic, it serves more than 30 million passengers annually. 29 non-stop flights to Canadian Cities, 50 non-stop flights to US destinations and about 76 same plane international flights are handled simultaneously from the two state of the art terminals.

Canam Limo certainly focuses on ground transportation to and from the airport but it also has a number of other services for you to choose from:

  • Corporate Limo Services
  • Wedding Limo Service
  • Casino Limo Service
  • Night out Limo Services
  • Shopping Limo Services
  • Prom Limo Services

We also provide custom made Limo Services as you may desire. Our About Us page will give you all the details of our extensive services. Check Toronto Pearson Airport