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If you are arriving within the 48 hours please call us at (905) 599 3676 or toll free at (866) 976 3676 and make your reservation with one of our customer service specialist.

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Canam Limo Service Additional Fees
$10 Charge per en route stop for Sedan Transfer
$15 Charge per en route stop for SUV Transfer
$25 Charge per en route stop for Stretch Limousine and Stretch SUV Transfer

Please add Airport Pickup Fee: $15.00 (Sedans & regular SUVs)[Applies to Pearson Airport Pick-Up only]
Please add Airport Pickup Fee: $27.00 (Stretch Limos & Stretch SUVs)[Applies to Pearson Airport Pick-Up only]

Toll Charges
Additional Fee will be charged for use of Toll Highway 407ETR (IF USED). All pickups and drop offs in Buffalo are subject to Toll Charges. ($3.00 for Sedans and SUVs and $6.00 for Stretch Limos and Stretch SUV Limos).

Waiting Charges
There is no waiting charge for pickups from the Airports due to flight delays however there will be a waiting charge of $ 10.00 for every 15 minutes for the pickups in Sedans and $ 20.00 for every 15 minutes for the pickups in Stretch Limos if the passengers are not ready at the scheduled pickup time. The same waiting charge will apply if the passenger is stopped at the border for secondary inspection by the border agencies.

Canam Limo Service Cancellation Policy and Associated Charges
All Changes are to be made 24 hours in advance, or a 25% re-scheduling fee will apply.
24 hours notice, prior to the scheduled pick up time is required for cancellations, or a 50% cancellation fee will apply.
Last minute Cancellations and No Shows will be subject to 100% charge of the fare and Taxes.

Limitations of Liability

Loss or damage to luggage worth more than $1000.00, including contents
Carry-on items that may be damaged in transit
Any Items including but not limited to Cash, jewelery, computers or any items left in vehicle.
Canam will not be liable for the cost of Air Fares or Flight re-scheduling fees if you miss your flight because of Traffic, weather or any unavoidable conditions.
Canam Limo will be responsible for a Maximum of $1000.00 for any kind of damage to or loss of luggage and personal items if
anything happens during your Ground transportation Service with Canam Limo including To and From the Airport.

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