Car Service from Toronto to Ottawa

Safest Ottawa Limo Service to and from Toronto, Ontario

Planning a business trip during COVID-19? Let us make it safe and secure for you with our exceptional Ottawa Limo Service to and from Toronto, upgraded with safety precautions to help you attend your prominent business meetings and events. Call 416-628-6284 and book the safest business limo in the town.

The ongoing pandemic has completely disrupted the way we travel. It is highly risky for business executives to plan their travel schedules. Flying with the surge in airfares and the risk of coronavirus exposure inside the airport and flight could be stressful. Canam Limo goes beyond the conventional means of making your travel experience hassle-free. With added safety measures, we bring you the safest Ottawa Limo Service to and from Toronto complying with new safety protocols.

Canam Limo offers a luxury travel experience with the finest fleet of business limousines in the industry. With reliable and prompt limo service, we pride ourselves to be renowned as one of the most preferred luxury on-ground transportation companies in Toronto. To cope with the unusual time and provide a seamless trip, we make your business travel free from stress. Our fully sanitized Ottawa limo Service to and from Toronto takes you to your important business meetings in the safest way possible.

Premium Ottawa Limo Service

Committed to delivering an unmatched limo service, Canam Limo offers a wide range of business limousines to take you around the city in a stylish yet secure way. Our best in class Ottawa Limo Service is non-shareable and personally reserved for passengers to ensure their health safety. Whether planning for long-distance travel or short trips, travel with a peace of mind with no hassle.


The one-way trip to Ottawa from Toronto (or vice versa) takes about 4 hours and 10 minutes (depending upon traffic congestion and weather). Our non-shareable Ottawa Limo Service is time-efficient that saves you from the time spent inside the airport on the check-in and check-out procedures which is more vulnerable to getting coronavirus exposure. You can reserve a personal Ottawa Limo Service with us that is safer and reasonable than any other mode of transportation during COVID-19 crises. It saves you from a fare hike (alike air travel) and makes the one-way or round trip safe for you.


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To contact us for any questions call us at 416 628 6284

Fully Sanitized Limo Service

We at Canam Limo have taken strong measures to ensure our customers and chauffeurs are safe during the unusual time. Our Ottawa Limo Service follows safety norms and protocols with thorough sanitization and cleaning process. To attain the highest safety level, we sanitize each vehicle with good quality disinfectants before and after the trip ends. Each touch point – exterior or interior is cleaned thoroughly as an extra precautionary measure.

Being of the most reliable Ottawa Limo Service providers, our chauffeurs wear masks and gloves throughout the ride. Moreover, we keep a regular track of their health so that they can ensure a safe environment for passengers as well as themselves. To reduce the exposure, we also recommend the passengers seating in the vehicle to maintain social distancing with the chauffeur for mutual health safety.

Your safety – Our priority

Customers’ safety is a priority for us. Taking certain precautionary steps by using the highest level of protection can create a healthy environment for everyone. Apart from implementing the safety protocols, we request our passengers to be extra cautious and take the following measures before starting their business trip with us:

  • Wear a mask that covers your nose, mouth and chin area.
  • Try not to hand over your luggage to the chauffeurs to maintain social distancing
  • Opt for online payment methods to avoid physical contact
  • If you have symptoms of illness (mainly cough, fever or respiratory issues), we request you to quarantine yourself and postpone your travel schedule.


TO BOOK THE SAFEST OTTAWA LIMO SERVICE, CONNECT WITH US AT: 1-866-976-3676 or write to us at info@canamlimo.com