Airport Limo Service

Canam Limo’s Toronto Airport Limo, Buffalo Airport Limo and Hamilton Airport Limo Service.


Surely you don’t want to be left high and dry at the airport after booking your limo service. If you are looking for a limo service from Buffalo Airport, follow the link http://www.buffaloairport.com/GroundTransportation.asp?sec=2#Limo and get a list of all the authorized Limo companies that can operate from Buffalo Airport.

One of the few limousine companies that is authorized to operate from Buffalo Niagara International Airport, Canam Airport Limo is certainly a name you can trust.

A leader in the market for airport limousine companies in the Greater Toronto Area, Canam Airport Limo will never let you down. We believe in putting you, the customer, first. Each of our staff is proficient and at the same time, friendly and you will be treated like royalty right from the time you make your booking to the time you reach your desired destination.

Of course, we understand that prices are a concern. But with Canam Airport Limo offering unbelievably reasonable flat rates that have no hidden fees; your concerns are wiped away. We are with you every day of the year, every hour of each day. And with Canam Airport Limo, you get these offers too: Toronto Airport Limo, Buffalo Airport Limo and Hamilton Airport Limo.

Unlike the most commonly used Town Cars for Airport Transfers, we bring to you Luxury sedans, SUV’s, stretch limos and Stretch SUV’s to serve you and your group. Apart from that, we have a wide range of Lincoln Town Cars that is standing by to be at your service whether you wish to use it for the day or you wish to go out in the evening.

Do scroll through our fleet page to get an idea of the car that you might like to book. If you are undecided about the Limo you wish to book, one call to us will allow our team to assist you in finding a limo best suited to your needs. Our expert team will advise you, taking into account both the number of people onboard as well as the number of bags you have with you.

Given below are some examples of our flat-rate airport limo service.

Toronto Downtown to Toronto Pearson International Airport $ 70 Sedan
Scarborough to Toronto Pearson International Airport $ 85 Sedan
Mississauga to Toronto Pearson International Airport $ 60 Sedan
North York to Toronto Pearson International Airport $ 65 Sedan
Oakville to Toronto Pearson International Airport $ 80 Sedan
Burlington to Toronto Pearson International Airport $ 95 Sedan
Hamilton to Toronto Person International Airport $ 125 Sedan
Burlington to Buffalo International Airport $ 279 Sedan
Hamilton to Buffalo International Airport $ 289 Sedan
Mississauga to Buffalo International Airport $ 299 Sedan
Toronto to Buffalo International Airport $ 329 Sedan


For fares to and from your city please click at our PRICE LIST for more details or call us (24 Hours) at 1-866-976-3676.
We accept credit-cards  and you can make the payment to the driver at the time of your Trip.
Here is a comprehensive list of cities we provide Service to and from Toronto Pearson International Airport, Buffalo International Airport and Hamilton Airport:
If the city or township of your choice is not listed, do not hesitate to  Call us at 1-866-976-3676 or email us at info@canamlimo.com and we will have the pleasure of booking your Airport Limo from your city or township.

Cities and Townships Covered By Canam Limo:

Area of Service Canam Airport Limo Service To and From
  • Acton Airport Limo
  • Ajax Airport Limo
  • Alliston Airport Limo
  • Ancaster Airport Limo
  • Ashburn Airport Limo
  • Aurora Airport Limo
  • Barrie Airport Limo
  • Belleville Airport Limo
  • Bolton Airport Limo
  • Bracebridge Airport Limo
  • Bradford Airport Limo
  • Brampton Airport Limo
  • Brantford Airport Limo
  • Brighton Airport Limo
  • Brockville Airport Limo
  • Brooklin Airport Limo
  • Burlington Airport Limo
  • Buttonville Airport Limo
  • Buffalo Airport Limo
  • Caledon Airport Limo
  • Cambridge Airport Limo
  • Campbellville Airport Limo
  • Chatham Airport Limo
  • Kent Airport Limo
  • Claremont Airport Limo
  • Clarington Airport Limo
  • Cobourg Airport Limo
  • Collingwood Airport Limo
  • Concord Airport Limo
  • Courtice Airport Limo
  • Detroit Airport Limo
  • Dundas Airport Limo
  • Fort Erie Airport Limo
  • Gananoque Airport Limo
  • Goodwood Airport Limo
  • Gravenhurst Airport Limo
  • Grimsby Airport Limo
  • Guelph Airport Limo
  • Hamilton Airport Limo
  • Hayden Airport Limo
  • Huntsville Airport Limo
  • Ingersoll Airport Limo
  • Keswick Airport Limo
  • Kilbride Airport Limo
  • King City Airport Limo
  • Kingston Airport Limo
  • Kitchener Airport Limo
  • London Airport Limo
  • Loyalist Airport Limo
  • Markham Airport Limo
  • Milton Airport Limo
  • Mississauga Airport Limo
  • Montreal Airport Limo
  • Napanee Airport Limo
  • New Market Airport Limo
  • Niagara City/Falls Airport Limo
  • North Bay Airport Limo
  • Oakville Airport Limo
  • Orangeville Airport Limo
  • Orillia Airport Limo
  • Orono Airport Limo
  • Oshawa Airport Limo
  • Ottawa Airport Limo
  • Owen Sound Airport Limo
  • Parry Sound Airport Limo
  • Peterborough Airport Limo
  • Pickering Airport Limo
  • Picton Airport Limo
  • Port Colborne Airport Limo
  • Port Dover Airport Limo
  • Port Hope Airport Limo
  • Richmond Hill Airport Limo
  • Rockport Airport Limo
  • Scugog Airport Limo
  • St. Catharines Airport Limo
  • Stoney Creek Airport Limo
  • Stouffville Airport Limo
  • Thornhill Airport Limo
  • Trenton Airport Limo
  • Toronto Airport Limo
  • Unionville Airport Limo
  • Uxbridge Airport Limo
  • Victoria Airport Limo
  • Wasaga Beach Airport Limo
  • Waterdown Airport Limo
  • Waterloo Airport Limo
  • Whitby Airport Limo
  • Windsor Airport Limo
  • Woodbridge Airport Limo
  • Woodstock Airport Limo
  • Acton to Toronto Airport
  • Ajax to Toronto Airport
  • Alliston to Toronto Airport
  • Ancaster to Toronto Airport
  • Ashburn to Toronto Airport
  • Aurora to Toronto Airport
  • Barrie to Toronto Airport
  • Belleville to Toronto Airport
  • Bolton to Toronto Airport
  • Bracebridge to Toronto Airport
  • Bradford to Toronto Airport
  • Brampton to Toronto Airport
  • Brantford to Toronto Airport
  • Brighton to Toronto Airport
  • Brockville to Toronto Airport
  • Brooklin to Toronto Airport
  • Burlington to Toronto Airport
  • Buttonville to Toronto Airport
  • Buffalo to Toronto Airport
  • Caledon to Toronto Airport
  • Cambridge to Toronto Airport
  • Campbellville to Toronto Airport
  • Chatham to Toronto Airport
  • Kent to Toronto Airport
  • Claremont to Toronto Airport
  • Clarington to Toronto Airport
  • Cobourg to Toronto Airport
  • Collingwood to Toronto Airport
  • Concord to Toronto Airport
  • Courtice to Toronto Airport
  • Detroit to Toronto Airport
  • Dundas to Toronto Airport
  • Fort Erie to Toronto Airport
  • Gananoque to Toronto Airport
  • Goodwood to Toronto Airport
  • Gravenhurst to Toronto Airport
  • Grimsby to Toronto Airport
  • Guelph to Toronto Airport
  • Hamilton to Toronto Airport
  • Hayden to Toronto Airport
  • Huntsville to Toronto Airport
  • Ingersoll to Toronto Airport
  • Keswick to Toronto Airport
  • Kilbride to Toronto Airport
  • King City to Toronto Airport
  • Kingston to Toronto Airport
  • Kitchener to Toronto Airport
  • London to Toronto Airport
  • Loyalist to Toronto Airport
  • Markham to Toronto Airport
  • Milton to Toronto Airport
  • Mississauga to Toronto Airport
  • Montreal to Toronto Airport
  • Napanee to Toronto Airport
  • New Market to Toronto Airport
  • Niagara City/Falls to Toronto Airport
  • North Bay to Toronto Airport
  • Oakville to Toronto Airport
  • Orangeville to Toronto Airport
  • Orillia to Toronto Airport
  • Orono to Toronto Airport
  • Oshawa to Toronto Airport
  • Ottawa to Toronto Airport
  • Owen Sound to Toronto Airport
  • Parry Sound to Toronto Airport
  • Peterborough to Toronto Airport
  • Pickering to Toronto Airport
  • Picton to Toronto Airport
  • Port Colborne to Toronto Airport
  • Port Dover to Toronto Airport
  • Port Hope to Toronto Airport
  • Richmond Hill to Toronto Airport
  • Rockport to Toronto Airport
  • Scugog to Toronto Airport
  • St. Catharines to Toronto Airport
  • Stoney Creek to Toronto Airport
  • Stouffville to Toronto Airport
  • Thornhill to Toronto Airport
  • Trenton to Toronto Airport
  • Toronto to Toronto Airport
  • Unionville to Toronto Airport
  • Uxbridge to Toronto Airport
  • Victoria to Toronto Airport
  • Wasaga Beach to Toronto Airport
  • Waterdown to Toronto Airport
  • Waterloo to Toronto Airport
  • Whitby to Toronto Airport
  • Windsor to Toronto Airport
  • Woodbridge to Toronto Airport
  • Woodstock to Toronto Airport.
  • Acton To Buffalo Airport
  • Ajax To Buffalo Airport
  • Alliston To Buffalo Airport
  • Ancaster To Buffalo Airport
  • Ashburn To Buffalo Airport
  • Aurora To Buffalo Airport
  • Barrie To Buffalo Airport
  • Belleville To Buffalo Airport
  • Bolton To Buffalo Airport
  • Bracebridge To Buffalo Airport
  • Bradford To Buffalo Airport
  • Brampton To Buffalo Airport
  • Brantford To Buffalo Airport
  • Brighton To Buffalo Airport
  • Brockville To Buffalo Airport
  • Brooklin To Buffalo Airport
  • Burlington To Buffalo Airport
  • Buttonville To Buffalo Airport
  • Buffalo To Buffalo Airport
  • Caledon To Buffalo Airport
  • Cambridge To Buffalo Airport
  • Campbellville To Buffalo Airport
  • Chatham To Buffalo Airport
  • Kent To Buffalo Airport
  • Claremont To Buffalo Airport
  • Clarington To Buffalo Airport
  • Cobourg To Buffalo Airport
  • Collingwood To Buffalo Airport
  • Concord To Buffalo Airport
  • Courtice To Buffalo Airport
  • Detroit To Buffalo Airport
  • Dundas To Buffalo Airport
  • Fort Erie To Buffalo Airport
  • Gananoque To Buffalo Airport
  • Goodwood To Buffalo Airport
  • Gravenhurst To Buffalo Airport
  • Grimsby To Buffalo Airport
  • Guelph To Buffalo Airport
  • Hamilton To Buffalo Airport
  • Hayden To Buffalo Airport
  • Huntsville To Buffalo Airport
  • Ingersoll To Buffalo Airport
  • Keswick To Buffalo Airport
  • Kilbride To Buffalo Airport
  • King City To Buffalo Airport
  • Kingston To Buffalo Airport
  • Kitchener To Buffalo Airport
  • London To Buffalo Airport
  • Loyalist To Buffalo Airport
  • Markham To Buffalo Airport
  • Milton To Buffalo Airport
  • Mississauga To Buffalo Airport
  • Montreal To Buffalo Airport
  • Napanee To Buffalo Airport
  • New Market To Buffalo Airport
  • Niagara City/Falls To Buffalo Airport
  • North Bay To Buffalo Airport
  • Oakville To Buffalo Airport
  • Orangeville To Buffalo Airport
  • Orillia To Buffalo Airport
  • Orono To Buffalo Airport
  • Oshawa To Buffalo Airport
  • Ottawa To Buffalo Airport
  • Owen Sound To Buffalo Airport
  • Parry Sound To Buffalo Airport
  • Peterborough To Buffalo Airport
  • Pickering To Buffalo Airport
  • Picton To Buffalo Airport
  • Port Colborne To Buffalo Airport
  • Port Dover To Buffalo Airport
  • Port Hope To Buffalo Airport
  • Richmond Hill To Buffalo Airport
  • Rockport To Buffalo Airport
  • Scugog To Buffalo Airport
  • St. Catharines To Buffalo Airport
  • Stoney Creek To Buffalo Airport
  • Stouffville To Buffalo Airport
  • Thornhill To Buffalo Airport
  • Trenton To Buffalo Airport
  • Toronto To Buffalo Airport
  • Unionville To Buffalo Airport
  • Uxbridge To Buffalo Airport
  • Victoria To Buffalo Airport
  • Wasaga Beach To Buffalo Airport
  • Waterdown To Buffalo Airport
  • Waterloo To Buffalo Airport
  • Whitby To Buffalo Airport
  • Windsor To Buffalo Airport
  • Woodbridge To Buffalo Airport
  • Woodstock To Buffalo Airport.


For any booking for a pre-arranged Toronto Airport Limo, Buffalo Airport Limo or Hamilton Airport Limo from the respective Airports, just peruse through the pickup procedure to familiarise yourself with the same.